Intelligent brain treatment

The world’s first truly wireless system for Hydrocephalus treatment


Our pressure monitoring system offers long term continuous monitoring with accurate remote reading.

BRAINLINK Shunt System

Our adjustable shunt system is remotely controllable with easy adjustment and MRI-conditional.

Patient Quality of life

Improvements include less hospital time, greater comfort and mobility, less demand for surgeries, and lower risk of infections. 

Current treatment has several drawbacks

Repeated revisions

Current shunts require frequent revisions, which is resource-demanding for patients and hospitals.

Insufficient diagnostics

No efficient method to diagnose or exclude shunt failure; instead, patients require acute hospital visits.

Short-term application

Unavailability of long-term, reliable ICP devices making shunt adjustments complex and often avoided​.

These shortcomings result in a burden for both patient and society.

The first groundbreaking innovation from BrainLink radically improves the diagnosis of hydrocephalus and stroke.

Using embedded electronics and connectivity, BrainLink has created a smart implant that takes intracranial pressure monitoring to a new level. The solution aims to improve the patient outcomes and quality of life.


Implanted ICP Device.

Read-out device

Real-time pressure monitoring​ via Bluetooth data transfer.

Cloud storage

Encrypted transfer​ of data logs to cloud storage.

Secure access

Access to data through app​, and direct access of ICP data for physicians.

With the BrainLink system, intracranial pressure can be monitored wirelessly. In addition, the BrainLink solution dramatically reduces the need for costly and resource-intensive diagnostic procedures.  


  • Long term continuous pressure monitoring​
  • Accurate remote reading​
  • Minimally invasive insertion​
  • Works with existing adjustable shunts​
  • Direct response to shunt adjustments

BRAINLINK Adjustable Shunt System

  • Easy wireless adjustments​
  • MRI conditional​
  • No/less CT scans

BRAINLINK Adjustable Shunt System

Discoveries through extensive clinical experience

Thanks to a deep knowledge of neuroscience and long clinical experience in this field, BrainLink can identify the specific needs of patients and medical professionals.

Based on these insights BrainLink develops solutions that deliver great value to both groups through higher-quality care and streamlined methodology. 

Meet the BrainLink Team

Although a start-up, our knowledge derives from extensive hands-on clinical experience within neurosurgery and product development in medtech.

We aim to create breakthrough medical devices for more effective diagnostics and treatment of patients with neurological conditions while saving resources for hospitals and healthcare staff worldwide.  

Dan Farahmand
CEO & Founder
Ph.D, MD
Neurosurgeon at Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Johanna Kurzwelly

Sean Bennet
PhD, Medical Science Liaison

Per Klockar
Technical Advisor

Lars Mentzer
QA/RA Advisor

Peer Gjaerum

Bengt Bern
Technical Advisor

Robert Carlsson
Principal Software Engineer

Leda Henriquez
Principal Developer Engineer

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We value our supporting entities who put their trust in us. Thanks to these partnerships, we can carry out our mission of providing safe and accessible brain treatment worldwide.

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